The Top Sites for Playing Online Roulette in the US

Having gone through all of the US friendly gambling sites with a fine-tooth comb, we can recommend a list of online casinos with a variety of games, powerful software and secure, fast banking, and for July 2017 our overall #1 choice for American roulette fans is Casino.

Confused about online roulette's legality? Here's the deal: playing web roulette in the US is legal - as long as you're doing it safely and properly. While there are online roulette New Jersey sites that are licensed by the state, not every state offers regulated gaming (despite legal internet poker in Las Vegas, Nevada web roulette isn't yet offered by the government). But that doesn't mean you can't play American and European Roulette legally.

Our top-ranking casinos all offer:

  • Best gambling sites for welcome bonuses and payout percentage
  • Fast cashout roulette with slick gameplay and lots of variety
  • Plus we tell you all need to know about online roulette in the US

Not sure where to start looking for the ultimate online roulette experience for US players? Casino is where it's at, offering up mobile compatibility with airtight security measures it's clear to see why it's a favorite among Americans.

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How These Sites Are Rated

When it comes to rating a site for online roulette in the US, there is much more to it than just having the games. For our experts to give an online casino a good ranking, it has to score well in a number of different categories.

To start, we look at the overall quality of the roulette playing experience. We look at the different options that are available for roulette, the gameplay, and the quality of the software. In addition to that, we also test the different versions of the casino to make sure that it plays well on the desktop and through mobile devices.

Beyond offering a good online roulette experience, we make sure that the site is licensed and regulated, and we check to see the different banking options. If the site does well on all of these points, then we think it is fit to recommend to our readers.

What makes a good bonus?

US online roulette players love a good bonus. The trouble comes in with the fact that it is not always easy to tell which bonuses offer the best value. Fortunately, we evaluate the different bonuses and rate them based on different factors.

The obvious starting point for finding a good bonus is the overall dollar value. With most online roulette sites, it will be a bonus where the site matches a percentage of the first deposit. The higher the percentage and the higher the cap that is set on the bonus, the more potential value there is.

However, you can’t stop there. You have to consider the wagering requirements and the games that offer a contribution to the requirement. As the wagering requirement increases, the value of the bonus goes down. Furthermore, if roulette does not offer a high contribution to the requirement, then it is not a particularly good bonus for online roulette players.

Play online roulette from the US

While the laws might be a little murky, there is no US law that states that a person cannot engage in internet gambling. All of the regulations are placed on banks and the operators that run online casinos. For that reason, you can find some good offshore sites for playing online roulette in the United States.

We have investigated many of the top sites that welcome players from the United States, and we have found that there are several that are great for US players. All of the sites that we recommend are safe and secure, and we provide thorough reviews to help the player know what to expect when they sign up.

US Internet Gambling Laws

In 2006, the feds instituted a law called the UIGEA. Many US online players assumed that the law outlawed the playing of roulette and other casino games over the Internet. But that simply wasn't the case. The UIGEA simply made it illegal for banks to process illegal gambling-related financial transactions. But the government never actually said what constituted illegal games.

And since roulette can be played in casinos all over America - from Las Vegas to Atlantic City and in other local casinos all over the country - it's fair for US casino players to argue that Iinternet casinos are no different.

It's also safe to assume that the government isn't really as concerned about online casinos as much as they are about poker operators. If they were, there wouldn't be much talk about online roulette California sites being established or New York, NY getting into the Internet gambling business. Mention the words "US government" and "online gambling" in the same sentence to a random stranger, and they'll probably tell you about how the feds shut down three big online poker sites. But casinos offering web roulette for US players? They haven't really been a target.

Playing Legal Online Roulette in New Jersey

While it's perfectly legal to play at Internet casinos in most US states, it's not legal to run one. But that all changed in November 2013 when New Jersey became the first state to legalize online casinos. Today, you can bet on red or black at a legal online NJ website.

All of the New Jersey online roulette properties are actually run by the same Atlantic City casinos you already know. The state government grants many of them licenses to serve NJ web roulette players over the Internet, not to mention players who enjoy other casino games. Internet New Jersey casinos are so popular that people cross the border from New York to enjoy the latest casino games over the Internet. To play at an NJ roulette website, you don't have to live in New Jersey. You simply need to be physically present in the state.

The Situation in Nevada and Other States

While other states of Internet poker, including Nevada and Delaware, only New Jersey offers online roulette. California could soon follow as the state begins to take a serious look at the success of NJ web roulette.

But right now, the online roulette legal California situation is clear. You can play at a legit Internet casino. You just can't operate one from the state.


It seems like everywhere you go, you see people looking at the screens of their tablets and phones. Now that the top casinos have made serious efforts to develop online roulette for mobile devices, you can add real money gambling to the list of things that you can do with a Smartphone or tablet while on the go. Here are some of the most popular devices you can play on:


Apple makes some great products, and the iPhone is probably one of their most notable offerings. When it comes to online roulette in the US, the quality of this device and its operating system provide an experience that is more than satisfying.


While playing on the iPhone might be great, some people want a larger screen. With the iPad, you get an experience that is every bit as good, but the bigger screen can enhance the experience. Most online casinos offer an app for iOS or at least a mobile-friendly site that can be played in the browser.


If you like Android devices like the Google Nexus and Samsung Galaxy line, then you will love the apps and mobile sites that provide online roulette for Android users. Check out apps available for some casinos as well as browser based mobile sites.


Regardless of what tablet you use, there is probably an online casino that offers roulette for your device. Whether it is through an app or on the mobile site, you can bet real money with tablet roulette.

Windows Phone

The Windows Phone offers a good alternative to iOS and Android devices. And if you like online roulette, there’s no need to worry. Several casinos have support for roulette on these devices.


When you play online roulette with your BlackBerry, the games are easy to access and they can offer a ton of fun and excitement. Just look for a site that offers support for this device and you could be betting in a matter of no time.


Q. Is online roulette legal in your state?

A. While there's no federal law barring you from playing roulette online in the US, individual states are free to make their own rules. So while the state next door to yours might not care whether you play online, state laws where you live might prohibit you from playing. Since laws are always changing, we recommend you check with your state government to find out whether online gambling in the US is legal for you. Remember, online roulette NJ is legal, but even if your state doesn't offer regulated gaming, you can likely play with complete peace of mind.

Q. Are there 100% legal US roulette online sites?

A.A. If you're still concerned about whether US roulette online sites are legal, here's a great way to make sure you're not violating any laws. Play for free. If you're not gambling real money playing online, you're not breaking any laws. And all our picks for the top places to play online in the US offer play-money versions of the game.

Q. How can you fund your US web roulette account?

A. When you're ready to play legal US online roulette, Internet casinos make it easy for you to fund your account. While the UIGEA made it hard for online casino players in the US to use their credit cards, the top gambling sites go out of their way to provide players with a number of different payment options. You'll also find that some credit card processors are loosening restrictions, thanks to the opening of NJ Internet roulette casinos and the possibility that legal California sites could pop up.

Q. Are there licensed online Roulette casinos for US players?

A. All of our picks for the top places to play Internet roulette are fully licensed and regulated. While there is no government body regulating roulette online in the US, there are a handful of highly regarded gambling bodies that oversee the industry. And if you live in NJ, web roulette is widely available from a legal Atlantic City casino. We've made sure our picks are not only licensed and regulated, but we've also made sure that they offer fast cashouts, easy deposits, great customer service, and an overall gambling online experience that US players will love. That includes offering all types of online games, such as American, European and Multiplayer Roulette, and every other variation around. Download software from any of our picks for free right now and take roulette online in the US for a spin.

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