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When looking for a banking method that is both secure and fast, many online casino guests have turned to bitcoin for their everyday transactions. As a globally accepted form of virtual currency, bitcoin provides users with a reliable, safe way to spend money online. Find out more about the perks below!

  • No transaction fees

  • Fast and secure deposits and withdrawals

  • Anonymity while banking online


How to get Started With Bitcoin

While gambling at an online casino using bitcoin may be the solution for you, getting started playing bitcoin live roulette does take some time. Here is a quick guide on how to deposit using bitcoin:

  1. Choose your bitcoin platform - mobile, web, and hardware are the three platforms you will need to look at when deciding how you want to interact with your bitcoin wallet
  2. Setup a bitcoin wallet - once converted from your local currency, you will need a place to store your bitcoin. The most popular method for online gamblers using bitcoin for transactions is to set up a convenient and user-friendly Web Wallet through services such as Blockchain.info
  3. Create a public bitcoin address - this will be your digital signature when making transactions using your bitcoin wallet
  4. Activate your bitcoin wallet - deposit a small amount of bitcoin (a satoshi being the smallest unit of currency) into your account to activate it
  5. Purchase bitcoin - this can be done in a number of ways including through a Bitcoin exchange, mining, or at a Bitcoin ATM
  6. Choose bitcoin as your preferred deposit method at your chosen casino.

Follow the prompts to complete your first deposit using bitcoin.

Why Choose Bitcoin?

A relatively new method of banking, playing online bitcoin roulette games is certainly gaining popularity among players looking for a safe, secure way to spend money online while also benefitting from the lowest transaction fees of any banking method.

“Bitcoin roulette or rewards, are offered to players who chose to play at online casinos that accept bitcoin.”

Being a digital currency means that bitcoin is not limited to regions and is widely accepted and easily converted to any currency with little effort, making it the most convenient way to bank from anywhere in the world. Couple this the anonymity of using an electronic wallet as well as some of the most stringent security measures available and you get an online banking service that is fast, secure, and cost-effective.

Withdrawing Your Bitcoin Rewards

When it comes to withdrawing your hard-earned winnings from playing bitcoin roulette live, it really couldn’t get any easier. Let’s take a quick look at how to withdraw using bitcoin:

Once you have decided how much of your winnings you are going to be withdrawing you will need to decide which bitcoin wallet you want to deposit into. Using either a long text code or QR code, enter the public address of your wallet in your withdrawal transaction. Confirm your transaction and voila, your withdrawal has been completed.

Next, you will need to know how to convert bitcoin into your local currency. This can be done in two ways: either you can sell your bitcoins to another user in exchange for money in your own currency or, two, you could sell your coins through a Bitcoin exchange such as Coinbase or Bitstamp.

Earn Bitcoin Rewards Just for Playing

Some sites will offer a Bitcoin roulette faucet. Other rewards are offered to players who chose to play at online casinos that accept bitcoin. From bitcoin casino with a no deposit bonus, which rewards players just for choosing to play online roulette with bitcoin, to sites that offer players satoshi for every consecutive deposit, and more, bank with bitcoin to open up a whole new world of possibility.

Our Top Rated Casinos Accept Bitcoin

Not every online casino accepts bitcoin as a banking method however our experts have put together a selection of top-rated online casinos that accept bitcoin so that you, like many others, can make the smart choice in online banking.

Choose one of our recommended gambling sites by taking a browse through our selection of bitcoin casino reviews for a taste of what the best bitcoin casinos can offer you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does bitcoin work?

Bitcoin works in a similar manner to an electronic wallet service in that you can use the service to create an anonymous wallet with which you can use to pay for various services online. There is additional software required to use a bitcoin wallet and some technical savvy may be required for the initial setup however, when it comes to safe, convenient and anonymous online banking, bitcoin is a leader in their field.

Is bitcoin safe to use?

Yes, bitcoin is one of the safest forms of online payment as your personal details are not shared at any point during a transaction.

Do bitcoin allow online casino payments?

Yes, bitcoin is accepted at a number of online casinos and that number continues to grow as the currency gains popularity. While not all casinos accept bitcoin, there are a number of top sites that do. To check out what these sites have to offer be sure to head over to our bitcoin casino software reviews for a sneak peek at their services.

What fees do I have to pay with bitcoin?

A reputable online casino will never require you to pay for using bitcoin as a payment method. On top of that, you may choose to never pay any fees at all for your deposits and withdrawals made with bitcoin - should you be content with waiting for your transaction, you can choose to not pay a single cent in fees.

Why should I use bitcoin?

Bitcoin is fast, safe, anonymous, cheap and secure and is able to be converted into any currency with little hassle. The real question is, why aren’t you using bitcoin for your online transactions.