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2019's Best Free European Roulette Games

European RouletteRoulette has always been an international game and now, thanks to the online roulette boom, you can play European, North American or French roulette for free online as well as real money roulette games too.

We’ll show you the best places to play and win with online roulette but first, here’s our number one top tip:

Know the rules! European roulette rules are different from American or French real money roulette rules. These differences give you an opportunity to make more money, so use our top online roulette strategy tips to make sure you have the best time ever.

Read on to discover more about European Online Roulette:

  • What sets it apart from the other versions available
  • The top gambling sites offering European online roulette
  • The best strategy techniques

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The Essentials of Roulette

Before we show you a winning European roulette strategy, it's important to get an overview of the game of real money roulette as a whole. That way you’ll be prepared to win big!

The aim of the game in all types of roulette is to guess which number (between 0-36) or which colour (Black or Red) a ball will land on, on a spinning wheel.

European vs American Roulette

A European roulette game has just one zero whereas a North American board will have two zeros. This difference may seem subtle, but if you look at a real money European roulette odds chart you'll see that your chances of winning are lower.

Because online roulette European games have one less betting option, it means your true odds of hitting a number are 36/1 instead of the 37/1 you get in even the top American online roulette games.

This basically means you're more likely to be a long-term real money winner when you play European roulette!

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European Roulette Tips

Now that we've broken down the basic differences across roulette games, it's time for some roulette European strategy tips.

The "double dozen"

double dozenThis real money European roulette betting technique involves betting equal amounts on two batches of 12 numbers. A single dozen pays out at a ratio of 2:1.

By betting on two dozens you can cover 24 numbers and you'll still get a return of one unit. Here’s how it works:

If you bet $10 on each dozen (total outlay = $20), and one of these numbers wins, you’ll get a $30 real money payout. That’s a $10 profit.

Whether you're playing European roulette online or thinking about jumping into some online roulette action for the first time, we want you to have the best chance of winning. That’s why we’ve gathered together the best online roulette European sites in our list of our most recommended gambling sites.

For max win potential, you can also check out more real money online roulette top tips, here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Europe is the birthplace of Roulette, so it only stands to reason that this is the exact place for Roulette enthusiasts to gain better understanding of the game. European Roulette is primarily different in that it has 36 numbers and one single zero. That's in contrast to American Roulette, which has 36 numbers and a double zero in addition to the European single zero. Adding this one little number alters the odds, so that instead of having a 1 in 37 chance of hitting your number, the odds go to 1 in 38.

How does European Roulette work?

European Roulette is a classy game of chance. Basically, your goal is to choose the number that the ball will land on following a spin of the wheel. You are able to win by way of multiple number bets as well as single number bets. After placing your bet or bets, the croupier (i.e. the dealer) will drop the official ball. As the wheel loses momentum, the ball will drop into any one of 37 places on the wheel, either a number from 1-36, or the single zero. If it lands on a number that you have a bet on, you win.

Is it popular online?

Like live, ground-based casino Roulette, online Roulette is hugely popular. When people think of gambling and casinos, Roulette quickly comes to mind. It is a simple game of chance with very understandable bets, and this makes it very popular both for real money play as well as free play.

Is it much different from other variations?

European Roulette is not very different from other variations aside from the odds of winning being greater with the European variety. A player's odds of winning are 2.7% with European and 5.26% with American. French Roulette adds the insurance bet, meaning that if a ball lands on zero with the European table, then your bet is protected and you will not lose it. Multi-wheel games let you bet on more than one wheel at a time. Multi-ball Roulette has additional balls on the wheel at the same time. It can improve your fun and possibly your odds of winning real money at gambling sites.

Are the odds more favorable?

The overall odds of winning on a European Roulette table are better in the long run. It is amazing what just one additional number added into the mix can do for a player. The house edge is only 2.7% with the Euro-game, but goes up to 5.26% with the American wheel.

Can I use a Roulette system to play?

Of course you can implement a system into your play. Many will say it really works, while others will say that a game of chance like Roulette is resistant to systems that tend to presuppose patterns of wheel outcomes. The best system or strategy of play is to focus on outside numbers or column bets, and move the winnings to the side when you're winning so that you only play with what you are willing to lose. Leaving the table with more than what you started with is a great system of play.