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What Minimum and Maximum Bets Are About

When playing roulette, many never bother to find out what the minimum/maximum is all about. Contrary to popular belief, the sky isn't the limit if you're playing at a casino. In fact, it simply comes down to mathematics.


Theories in Roulette

The Probability Theory was born out of Pascal's understanding of odds and chance and he was able to calculate it in a scientific way. He theorized that when rolling dice, the number 6 would show up at least one time in 24. He showed that 24 rolls would be against the gamble, but 25 rolls would be slightly more in his favor.

Since the dawn of gambling, players have tried to find ways to beat the house. They have schemed and strategized on ways to beat the system. So, many believe that just in case someone proves to be a modern-day Pascal, casinos have maximum bets.

No matter what table game or slot that you are playing at, there is a limit as to what you can bet. You will never find a place that has an unlimited bet posted. The belief by some is that the reason isn't that casinos cannot pay if you would happen to "take the house." The reason is that it proves Pascal's system as being true. There are minimum bets that match a ratio of maximums.

Minimum Bet Theory

The minimum bet theory suggests that the minimum bet is actually the way to control who plays where. In the early days of Vegas, everyone was encouraged to step up to the table and wager a simple bet. This was all well and good until it started getting very busy and there were not enough babysitters to manage the random dreamer if you will.

So, placing minimums controlled the crowd. Typically people with smaller bankrolls were relegated to slots. Today this isn't the case. But back when minimums were initiated, it made a difference. Today, minimum bets are used to fill the seats. The more people playing at tables, the greater the likelihood novices will join in, resulting in the birth of new players.

Along with the lower bet scenario is the higher minimum to ensure that serious players have the focus and seamless play that they are accustomed to. Many times, live casinos will change the minimum bet right in the middle of the game. If the table becomes crowded and too many large bets were paid out, it is not unusual for the pit boss to inform players that the minimum bet will be increased at a given time.

You can typically expect it on a weekend day as the sun begins to set and the liquor begins to flow. Some would call it a sucker moment. Online casinos are not as prone to this type of mischievous behavior. Rather, the limits are more set in stone. In some cases, you can set your own minimum bet much like a multi-denomination slot machine. Thus, digital gaming has much greater player flexibility and control.

Maximum Bet Theory

The maximum bet is a foolish bet. Unless you are a high roller with an unlimited bankroll, the idea of reaching the maximum bet at a casino online or live indicates that someone is searching for fool's gold. The best bet in the house is to know your limits and find that middle ground.

Some authors of gambling theories suggest that the maximum bet as identified by the house should be ignored by you, that a player should determine their maximum bet prior to sitting down at the table. So, one theorist mentioned identifying 3% of your total bankroll as the maximum bet. This is actually considered a very liberal bet. So, your maximum bet should be around 3% of your total bankroll. If your bankroll is only $100, then you will need to bet no more than $3 a bet.

Of course, you can increase that bet as your bankroll increases. For people who really want to master Roulette with minimal bankrolls, the online or mobile roulette tables would probably be the best bet. Most online roulette games will utilize RNG - i.e. Random Number Generation - meaning that the numbers that come up are very random and the likelihood of finding a bias is minimal at best. It is a good way to build up your bankroll so that you can go for your maximum at a live casino if that is your desire.

With that said, it is not wise to play at a table if the minimum bet is $15 and your bankroll is only $100. The main idea when playing any games either live or at an online casino is to maintain as much of your bankroll as you can. Without a bankroll, you cannot stay in the game. Think like Pascal: the longer you are in it, the greater chance you will win it.

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Bankroll Maximum bet
$100 $3
$250 $7.5
$500 $15
$1,000 $30