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How online roulette casinos are regulated

You hear a lot about how online roulette casinos operate in the Wild West. The argument goes that they're not licensed and regulated, and that they're unsafe for players. If it happens online, how can you trust them?

Unfortunately, that's an argument perpetuated by the American government because they're upset that they don't own a piece of the pie.


The truth? Online casinos are just as regulated - if not even more regulated - than their land-based counterparts.

Here's the deal. There are literally thousands of online roulette sites for players to choose from. And, yes, some casinos are shady. But the same goes for the land-based industry. You've got big land-based casinos that are overseen by state and provincial governments. And then you've got a bunch of guys running blackjack tables and roulette wheels in secret warehouses and basements.

Obviously, it's easy to tell a quality casino from a makeshift one in the real world, but savvy web designers and slick writing can make any online roulette site look legit. So how do you separate the good from the horrible? It's actually really easy, and you don't need to do a lot of work.

eCogra puts a spotlight on the best sites

eCogra is a globally respected testing agency for online gambling sites. They're dedicated to making sure players are respected by online casinos and treated fairly.

The agency does a lot of work to keep sites honest and players happy. They certify software to make sure it fair and legit. They audit payout percentages to make sure roulette websites are actually letting players win. And they verify the honesty of a site's Random Number Generator. They even certify live dealer casinos to make sure they're legit, too.

Licensing and regulation is very real

The US government does a good job of convincing the public that online roulette isn't regulated. That might be true within the confines of the United States, but the Internet is international, and the US doesn't own it.

The truth is that there are several countries involved in regulated and licensing Internet gambling sites. The reputable online casinos make sure they earn their licenses in the jurisdictions in which they operate.

Your fellow roulette players can help weed out the bad sites

When you have a horrible experience, what do you do? You tell people about it. And thanks to the Internet and social networks, it's ridiculously easy to share your gripes. You'll find all sorts of online casino forums where players can post their compliments and complaints. Well, mostly complaints. Winners rarely go out of their way to thank a casino in a public forum.

We should note that you should take comments made in online roulette casino forums with a grain of salt. When players lose, they tend to take it out on casinos. And when players have trouble with cashouts, it might actually be their fault (perhaps they didn't provide the casino with the correct personal contact info). But if you see a pattern with one online roulette site, it's probably a good idea to stay away.

Reviews of online roulette reveal the truth

Even with all the checks and balances that exist to help you find a great online roulette casino, sometimes you just want to hear from the experts. That's where sites like ours come in. We've been playing online roulette and other casino games since gambling first moved online, so we know which casinos are great and which ones to avoid.

We encourage you to read our reviews before you play anywhere. But no matter where you choose to play, by choosing a site promoted by a respected gambling authority, you know you're playing somewhere safe. You can check out even more online casino guides here.