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Best Indian Online Roulette Casinos for 2020

Indian Online RouletteAs roulette fans and experts, we know exactly what's important to players, other than playing the best online roulette for real money. That's why we put together this online roulette site. From a casino's point of view, we look at banking options, software, safety measures, game types, welcome bonuses and loyalty deposits. For players we consider the following:

  • The best international online roulette sites for players in India
  • OHuge choice of free & real money roulette games
  • Excellent bonuses for both new and old roulette players

Top Pick: Our #1 Roulette Site for India Players in 2020is .

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Can I play online roulette in India legally?

Legal Indian GamblingSo you are ready to play roulette online in India? We help you find the best online roulette sites for Indian players. What's more, we can help you do this legally, safely and, with the help of our database, enjoyably too. Online roulette is one of the most popular choices of casino games for Indian gamblers.

As home to over a billion people, India has more than its fair share of online gamblers, all of whom love to win when playing online roulette for real money. However, the government doesn't always make things easy for the genuine gamers who want to play roulette online but also, crucially, play legally too.

To that end, one of the many aspects of online roulette that we look into is the licensing and regulation of by international online gambling authorities. By using gambling sites whose license is held outside India, not only do you know your money is safe you also know that the roulette sites in question are internationally recognised.

The very best in online roulette

We are certain that we have found and listed the best international online roulette websites for Indian players. We believe this because the special system and strict criteria employed when we review a site is designed to filter out the worst and keep only the very best.

If any site falls even slightly below this code, that's it, they're out and on our blacklist. This way you know that you are totally safe when accessing roulette games online. Our team of experts believe that the following criteria help make an online casino great and, while we've listed some of them below, all the elements of a great roulette experience are profiled in detail on the site.

Game Variety

Game Variety

Before you spin that wheel and play at top-rated roulette online India sites, make sure that there is the right range of choices for you. Many Indian online roulette fans choose to play European or American roulette, while others play traditional French or multiplayer. Whatever your pleasure, we know just where to enjoy roulette online India gaming.


Payout randomness

Online roulette functions entirely on the randomness of the payouts. Any online casino that pays below 95% are best avoided. When you're putting your money into these sites after all, you need to know that it is an honest operation and not adjusting its software offline before you play. To be fair, any casino worth its salt, displays its payout percentage upfront allowing you to make an informed decision.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Obviously, for any casino India online, we understand the importance of a fast and reliable customer service that's available around the clock. It's no use to anybody if you cannot get hold of somebody when you need to. We look into this for you and rate a site under those conditions accordingly.

Deposit Options

Deposit Options

There are a whole host of reasons why different folks choose different payment and withdrawal options. For some, it's all about security like for others it might be because they wish to stay anonymous when they play. Then there are those who may not be able to use their bank card at an online gambling site. Whatever your reason and whatever your choice, we have got you covered.



The engine behind any quality roulette game, software is often over looked for just how important it is when choosing a game. Speed, graphics, fluidity, download/no download and security all come into relevance, among others. We thoroughly review an online roulette site's software performance to make things easy for you.


Security Regulations

Our wish is you to enjoy your online roulette real money gaming and you will only be able to achieve this if you are suitably relaxed. This means that you, understandably, want to play at a site that comes with thorough security protocols and certified safety credentials. We can and will help to send you in the right direction to roulette Zen. We insist, for your benefit, that every online roulette casino holds a licence from a major international gaming commission before we even review it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is online roulette legal in India?

While it does vary from state to state, the only state to actually ban it is Maharashtra. In Goa and Sikkim, it's absolutely legal and, elsewhere, while it continues to be heavily regulated, you will be able to find a way to play legally for money. This may change in the future however.

Am I required to pay taxes on my winnings?

You are, yes. The government take a considerable 30% off any gambling profit you might win when you play roulette online India.

Can I play in Indian Rupee's?

You can play roulette with rupees, but there is only a limited choice of casinos offering this. However, we have found and listed them to make things easier for you. By following our recommended sites, you will be able to deposit and withdraw rupees when you play online roulette for real money..

What are the best sites for players from India?

Well, there are NO Indian online casinos so you will need to find a site that is hosted outside of the country. Fortunately these aren't hard to find and we've already found them for you. And, what's more, all of the sites we recommend to you, welcome Indian players allowing you to play roulette game online and it's easy to send funds via PayPal.

What variations are popular?

There are many variations of roulette games online and they are all extremely popular so this is one that you need to figure out on your own and have fun while you're doing it. For what it's worth, we can point you in the right direction for the game you're looking for, be it European, French, American, mini or progressive.

Is the game rigged?

No. At least not if you read about it here. We only review the best and most random of roulette casinos. If a site falls below the standards we have set for it, then it instantly goes on the dreaded blacklist. Stick with us and you can be certain that when you play online roulette for real money, it's one hundred percent random and never, ever rigged.

How can I find a safe site?

Your absolute best bet in finding the safest site possible is to go through us first. We have taken the time to put this site together in order to help people play online roulette in India safely and enjoyably. We can help you with any concerns you might have. We have a whole dedicated section that reviews sites according to this exact feature, crucial for real money online gaming.