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iPad Roulette Apps & Games

Get ready to play at the best online roulette sites for iPad when you choose one of our top recommended sites. We've gathered a list of the best roulette casinos for iPad so you can enjoy a high-quality 3D experience wherever you are.

  • Everything you need to know about iPad roulette

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Check the iPad screen size

Before you play real money Roulette for iPad, you should understand that screen size can be a problem if you're not playing at the best online Roulette iPad real money gambling sites. On a PC or Apple Mac, screen size and aspect ratio isn't much of an issue. You might be playing on an old 4:3 monitor, or you might be playing on a gorgeous 16:9 widescreen display. It doesn't matter. On a computer, you're playing Roulette inside an online casino window, which doesn't take up your entire desktop. You can likely increase or decrease the size of the window, but the original size of the window isn't a big deal because you've got loads of desktop space to work with.

But on an iPad? You've got a screen size of 9.7” diagonal to work with, or 7.9” if you've got the iPad mini. And on the iPads, there are no windows. Everything happens full-screen. The top Roulette iPad apps understand how to take advantage of the specific iPad screen sizes, and they know how to use every inch to their advantage. But before you play Roulette online, iPad casinos should be checked to make sure they actually accommodate iPads.

You see, most other tablets on the market - specifically Android tablets - are designed with the 16:9 aspect ratio. But the iPad, both the mini and the full size one, are actually 4:3. Online casinos that offer you the chance to play Roulette on iPad might actually not have an iPad-optimized experience. That could lead to either funky-looking graphics or choppy gameplay that doesn't feel realistic.

The Best iPad Roulette Apps

With most popular online gambling and casino websites, there usually comes an app to go right along with it. The advantage of this is that the app will make full use of your iPad screen as well as cater to all the touch motions on the device.

The graphics are crisp and sharp and fit perfectly to the shape of your tablet and you will find the interface easy to use as you watch the roulette wheel spin around.

Get Access to the Top Online Casinos

There's a lot to consider before choosing to play Roulette online games. iPad users don't just need to think about whether the online casino is optimized to work on the iPad. You want to know that the site is honest, that they're trustworthy with deposits and cashouts, that they offer more than just one variety of online Roulette, and that they feature loads of other online casino games in case you get bored.

Our picks for the top places to play Roulette on iPad have been tested to make sure they offer an incredible experience. And because our picks have been doing business longer than most other online casinos, you know you can trust them. We've also been able to negotiate special deposit bonuses for our iPad online Roulette readers. Just click the link to create your free account. You'll get tagged as one of our readers, and that means you'll get access to a big signup bonuses and special future promotions when they arise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the iPad a good platform to play on?

Next to a Mac laptop with a full sized screen, there is nothing better to play Roulette online with. iPads are known for stellar 3-D graphics. Imagine just placing your tablet before you, swiping your finger here and tapping it there, and before your eyes you have a full wheel and table before you. Keep in mind the screen is a bit smaller than a large desktop monitor. Even so, iPad is an awesome platform and has the huge advantages that you can take it with you wherever you go.

Should I play using a site or app?

When it comes to using your iPad, an online Roulette site is a fairly good option. You must keep in mind the general limitations that come with a tablet as opposed to a Mac, PC, or even a desktop. Because of the amount of data that online sites have, it is always best to go with a good Roulette app. The best Apps are designed specifically with iPad limitations in mind. With that said, it is important to only go with the best apps. By going with time tested Roulette apps, you can rest assured that you will have an incredible experience.

What Roulette games are popular on the iPad?

Whether you are playing Roulette at a land casino, online, or with an app, you will want to choose European Roulette whenever you can because as you know the odds are better when you do. The difference between 36 and 37 numbers is a big game changer. iTunes has listed some of their favorite apps as Roulette Royale and PKR Roulette 3D Games.

Can I still use bonuses?

One of the highlights of choosing apps that have been vetted by our experts is that they all have bonuses offered to iPad users. Also, many offer free apps so you can play as much as you want, when you want. And if it doesn't suit your style of play, then go on and give another one a try.

How instantly are winnings paid?

Real money winning is really the name of the game aside from the rush you get playing your favorite game. Online Roulette sites know that you want to celebrate your real money wins by going out on the town or making that new purchase, so they do all they can to get you your winnings quickly. But there can be factors that override the online Roulette site's desire to celebrate with you. A lot depends upon what system of withdrawal you are using, and sometimes your financial institution.