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Platinum Play Casino Roulette Review 2019


As people who love to play roulette online, we're on the lookout for casinos that set the gold standard for web-based gambling. So is Platinum Play worth its weight in gold (or platinum, more specifically)? Read on to discover whether this internet casino is suitable for online casino game players around the world.

First Impressions

We really like this online casino site, especially for roulette players. The website is simple and clean, and setting up a new account is incredibly straightforward. We also liked the fact that PlatinumPlayCasino.com lets you test out their games for free - and you don't even need an account to play for fun. The free-play software isn't exactly identical to what you'll find in the downloadable version, but we do like that they give you that option (many online casino sites don't).

Online Roulette Software That Delivers on Most Fronts


The software itself is smooth and crisp, with realistic graphics that make playing roulette on your computer seem almost like you're in a real casino. But we do have one gripe. While we appreciate the quality of graphics, we feel the table angle of the experience is a little off. We understand that they needed to cram in the table and the roulette wheel onto one screen, but the angle is slightly dizzying. This might not be a major concern for casual online players, but as hardcore players who have played a lot of casino games on the net, we know when something feels slightly off.

However, if you can look beyond the slightly off angle table, you'll find one of the best internet roulette experiences available anywhere. The sound effects are nice, but not too in-your-face. And the voice-over of the dealer, if enabled, is really well done.

Hit the Jackpot With Online Roulette Royale


Any online roulette game can offer you big payouts on a single number hit. But only Roulette Royale offers you the chance to win literally hundreds of thousands of dollars - just by hitting the same number a few times in a row. And Platinum Play Casino is one of the few online casinos to offer it.

PlatinumPlayCasino.com sets aside a progressive jackpot that gets awarded when a player hits the same number two or more times in a row. Hitting the same number twice earns Internet roulette players 15x their bet (meaning a $10 bet would yield a $150 payout). Hitting three consecutive numbers earns a 200x bonus, and four hits equal a 3000x bonus. If a player manages to hit the same number five times in a row, they'll hit the jackpot.

Other Casino Games on Offer


We know that not every online roulette player sticks to just playing one game. Sometimes, you need a little variety. Thankfully, PlatinumPlayCasino.com has a lot of it. With over 500 online slots, video poker machines, table games, and other premium casino games that you can't find at just any casino on the web, Platinum Play Casino offer so many options for people who enjoy online casino thrills.

Ready to play roulette online at PlatinumPlay.com? Use our download link to try out the software. As we mentioned above, you can play free online roulette without having to sign up for an account. But if you do, you'll get access to even better web-based roulette games that you can play for free, plus access to the real money roulette tables. And our link also earns you a specially negotiated deposit bonus, so download and play now.

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