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Types of Roulette Games, Variations, and Differences

There's a range of different roulette games out there for players to try, and because some are only available online, even experienced players might be unfamiliar with all of them. Below we cover all of the roulette types that you may already have some knowledge of – American, European, and French – and some lesser-known variants, such as no zero roulette.


Which Type of Roulette Should I Play?

Leaving aside the plethora of fancy variants available online, each with minor rule tweaks and extra side bets, American, European, or French roulette are your main choices.

Unless you're captivated by live dealer roulette, or a quirky variant (such as no zero roulette, linked to on this page), you're always better off sticking with French roulette. As we've described above, this game's lower house edge makes it the best one for players in the long term. Give it a try in free play if you're curious about how those additional rules work.