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Play European Roulette Gold Online

Just when you thought classic casino games couldn't be improved, something comes along and blows the whole thing wide open. European Roulette Gold is roulette but not as you know it. With extra bets and special features, and a mobile friendly design, Microgaming has managed to improve on an already excellent formula. We've got the full lowdown on this exciting new twist on a classic.

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Intro to European Roulette Gold

The rich history of roulette stretches back hundreds of years. Over time the game split into a handful of variations - American, French and European roulette - but a modern update was long overdue. European Roulette Gold, widely available for real money and for free online, is the refresh roulette needed. The game has an updated user interface that makes it easier to personalize how you play, along with new betting options. And since it was created by Microgaming, you know the software is cutting edge and mobile friendly.

How to play

Playing European Roulette Gold could not be simpler! All you need to do is find an online casino that works for you and open an account. Its worth doing some shopping around, to find the best possible bonus for new players. After you have registered, simply log in to the online casino through your mobile or desktop, click on European Roulette Gold and start playing for real money! The game works just like roulette would work in a live casino. All you need to do is set up your bet amount, then select your numbers and you can spin away.

What are the rules

The rules of European Roulette Gold are very easy to pick up. The table has 37 pockets: the red and black numbers from 1-36 and a green zero slot. You place your bets on where the ball will land, then the wheel is spun and you wait for the ball to settle in a pocket. There are some novel betting options, including the traditional French call bets. You can create and save 8 different bet layouts, which allow you to place combination bets more quickly. Best of all, European Roulette Gold is totally mobile compatible, and available to play for free in demo mode.

European Roulette Gold tips

Its amazing to see a fresh version of a classic casino game like roulette, updated to make the most of modern technology and betting patterns. These are our top tips to make the most of it:

Customize your bets

The ability to create and save layouts for your favorite multiple bets is a game changer if you like placing lots of bets at once. It saves loads of time and allows you to really personalize your play.

The house edge is the same

Despite the new features, the house edge in European Roulette Gold is still always 2.7%. So dont waste time and money searching for extra value, instead just enjoy the new ways to play.

Try it out on mobile

Microgaming has designed European Roulette Gold especially with mobile gaming in mind. The software works ultra-smoothly, and the graphics are crystal clear on the small screen.

Test it out for free first

With so many new features European Roulette Gold can be slightly confusing at first. Luckily, you can test it out for free in demo mode to make sure you understand everything before playing for real money.

European Roulette Gold strategy

The savable betting templates make roulette strategies that involve placing multiple bets much easier to place. Take the famous James Bond strategy. It involved covering more than half of the board using multiple chips, so that you win with every number from 13-36 as well as zero. You can save the pattern as a template, meaning you can use the strategy with the touch of a button.

Thanks to the new ways to bet, European Roulette Gold also opens the door for new potential strategies. For lots of players, the call bets are a whole new set of numbers to get used to, and you can have fun testing out different systems while you get a feel for the odds. You can learn about other types of roulette here.

European Roulette Gold FAQs

How does European Roulette Gold work?

Players can bet on where the ball will finish when the wheel is spun. A European roulette wheel has 37 potential pockets, the numbers 1-36 or the green zero pocket. Once the bets are in, the wheel is spun to determine the outcome. European Roulette Gold has some additional advantages over other versions, including the ability to save betting templates and extra betting options.

Where can I play European Roulette Gold online

European Roulette Gold is developed by Microgaming and is available at lots of online casinos. Check out our list of recommended sites for the best options.

Are the odds in European Roulette Gold better than other variants?

European Roulette Gold has better odds than American roulette, but worse payouts than French roulette and no-zero roulette.

What's the house edge of European Roulette Gold?

European Roulette Gold has a house edge of 2.7%, which is the mathematical advantage that the house or casino has over its players.

What's the RTP of European Roulette Gold?

European Roulette Gold has an RTP (return to player) of 97.3%

Can I use a roulette system to play?

Yes. There are loads of different ways to bet on roulette, and European Roulette Gold has even more betting options than other versions. Trying out the new features and systems is part of what makes European Roulette Gold so fresh and exciting