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No-zero roulette is practically miraculous. Almost every game in the casino has a house edge: an in-built mathematical advantage that means the house always makes money. In other versions of roulette, it's the zero slot (or slots) that gives the casino its edge. No zero means an even playing field, no odds stacked against you, just the luck of the draw. It's a true gambler's dream.

  • Why No Zero Roulette was created

  • The reasons behind it's scarcity in online casinos

  • And how to bet once you've chosen a No Zero Roulette site


Intro to No Zero roulette

Throughout the history of roulette the table has been modified to give the casino more or less of an edge. In American roulette, the table has two zero slots. European roulette has slightly better odds, since it only has one zero slot. No-zero roulette removes the edge completely, making it the most profitable version of the game available. You can play no-zero roulette for free at loads of sites online, but you're going to want to play for real money to take full advantage of this game.

No Zero roulette rules

No-zero roulette rules are similar to other versions. A no-zero roulette wheel has 36 pockets, the numbers 1-36 in red and black. You place your bets on what number the ball will land on, and the dealer spins the wheel. Wherever the ball ends up decides the bets. Unlike other versions, the wheel has no green zero slot. This means that the house edge is removed, and winning bets are paid out at their true odds.

No Zero roulette tips

No zero roulette is a revelation, a rare opportunity to take on the casino fair and square. Here, we've put together our top roulette tips for making the most of that 0% house edge.

Always pick No Zero

Put simply, no zero roulette is always the best option from a mathematical point of view. If you can choose between American, European, French and no-zero roulette and want to give yourself the best chance of winning at roulette, pick no-zero.

Take advantage of true even money bets

If you like simple bets, you'll love betting on red/black or odd/even with no-zero roulette. They are true 50/50 shots paid out at 1:1 - like betting on a coin flip but way more exciting thanks to the sweat of the spin.

Push the limits

Casinos generally have low limits on no-zero roulette since they want to minimize bets where they don't have an edge. As long as you're managing your bankroll carefully, consider betting as much as the casino allows to take maximum advantage of the 0% edge.

Try no-zero roulette for free

You can play no-zero roulette for free as well as real money. This is great for getting used to the game, and for comparing it to the other versions of roulette.

No Zero roulette strategy

No-zero roulette bets pay out at their true odds, making smart strategies potentially even more valuable. If you are patient and managing your bankroll, strategies like the Martingale system can end up being really profitable.

Since there is no house edge, casinos rely on something called "risk of ruin" to make their money. The “risk of ruin” is based on the idea that every player has a different bankroll and makes different bets, and therefore loses money at different rates. This doesn't really apply to online no-zero roulette, where casinos impose betting limits to avoid huge payouts. You can learn about other types of roulette here.

No Zero Roulette FAQs

How does No Zero roulette work?

The rules of no-zero roulette are very simple. Players can bet on which number the ball will land on once the roulette wheel is spun. A no-zero roulette wheel has 36 potential slots it can land on, the numbers 1-36 in red and black. The unique thing about no zero roulette is that there is no green 0 slot in the wheel.

Is it rigged?

No. No zero roulette is just a rare example of a casino game on an even playing field, where the house doesn't have a built-in advantage or edge. For this reason, casinos often impose low betting limits, and rely on the “risk of ruin” concept to make their money.

Where can I play No Zero roulette online?

No zero roulette is not as common as other versions, but you can still find it. Check out our list of recommended online casinos to find the best place to play.

Are the odds in No Zero roulette better than other variants?

Yes. No zero roulette has the best odds of all variations of roulette, and bets are paid out at their true odds.

What's the house edge?

0%. The house has no edge in no-zero roulette.

What's the RTP?

No-zero roulette has an RTP (return to player) of 100%.

Can I use a roulette system to play?

Yes. There are lots of different ways to bet on roulette and experimenting with different systems is all part of the fun.

Is there a No Zero roulette winning formula?

No. No zero roulette is a game of chance and there is no formula or strategy that can guarantee you will win.

How many numbers (pockets) are there in No Zero roulette?

A no zero roulette table has 36 red and black slots, one for each number. Unlike other versions, there is no 0 slot.

What's the best No Zero roulette bet?

It depends on what kind of bets you prefer. If you like long shots, betting on individual numbers is really fun. If you are a beginner or don't want to risk too much, even money bets like red/black is a great way to play. Since the house edge is always 0%, so one bet is theoretically more profitable than another.