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Playing Online Roulette in Singapore in 2019

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The very first time we visited the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore - way before we ever tried a Singapore roulette online website - we were blown away. The $8 billion property is said to be the world's most expensive standalone casino, so when we stepped onto the floor, we expected to see a ridiculously large crowd.

We didn't find one - at least not at the roulette tables. The craps and blackjack tables were a bit more crowded, but not much. Maybe we hit the casino on an off night. Or maybe something else was at play. Maybe roulette players were staying home. Our thought? Singapore online roulette sites have become so lucrative that more and more people are choosing to play on the Internet instead. But before you make the leap, read what we have to say about the law, paying your taxes, and taking advantages of bonuses.

Our detailed guide will help you land on the very best sites for roulette:

  • Best roulette sites for smooth and fast banking
  • Sites with great bonuses, strong payout percentage and slick gameplay
  • Guide to Singapore law and how it applies to online gambling

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How we rate the best sites for online roulette

In finding the best sites for online roulette in Singapore, we consider a range of different factors. Our experts have extensive experience with playing at and reviewing online casinos, so we know what to look for when we test an online roulette website. During our reviews, we look for sites that perform well, offer a range of options for roulette, have convenient banking, and offer a gaming environment that is safe and secure.

Our experts will consider the casino software and the range of options that are available for playing roulette. We will test the games for performance and look to see whether they offer gaming on a variety of platforms. If the site does offer mobile gaming, we will also look to see whether the mobile version of the site offers a good experience. From experience to security, and game variety to mobile compatibility, our review will cover it all to make your gaming choice more informed.

What to look for in a bonus

For many gamblers, a good welcome bonus can make a major difference when it comes to selecting an online roulette casino. While the welcome bonuses may seem simple at face value, they are often much more complex than they appear in the advertisements. To evaluate the best bonuses for playing roulette online, you need to consider a few points.

The first point to consider is the percentage that the casino is willing to match. A higher match percentage that goes up to a higher dollar limit is a better value. However, you also have to consider the play through requirements and the contribution that different games will make to the play through requirement. Even with a high matching percentage, a bonus will lack value if the play through requirements are too strict. If you want to play roulette, you want to be sure that it is one of the games that offers a good contribution to the requirement.

Mobile Roulette Gaming

As if playing roulette from the comfort of your own home was not convenient enough, you can now place your bets using your favorite mobile device. Top sites like Jackpot City offer Singapore online roulette for devices that operate on iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry. Learn more about your specific device:


Casino apps and mobile sites bring a first rate online casino experience to the iPhone. With this device, you can have roulette and a whole host of other casino games in the palm of your hand.


The iPad is a great device for gaming, and online casino operators have used these capabilities to offer games like online roulette for the iOS operating system. With apps developed specifically for the system, the games are smooth, reliable, and they look great.


The flexibility of the Android operating system has made it a great format for online gambling. With devices like the Samsung Galaxy phone and the Kindle Fire tablet, you can keep the roulette wheel spinning wherever you may be.


A tablet can make for a great online gambling experience. The devices are convenient and portable, and online casinos have developed online roulette platforms that work on a number of different devices.

ws Phone

While they might not be as popular as some other devices, the different Windows Phones are pretty impressive. With apps and browser-based play, you can find and exciting online roulette experience for Windows devices such as the Microsoft Lumia 650 and the Nokia Lumia 930.


If you love your BlackBerry and placing bets on roulette, there is no need to worry about getting your favorite game on your BlackBerry device. A number of top casinos have online roulette for the BlackBerry, and the gameplay offers plenty of fun.

Play Online Roulette from Singapore

As you can see, online roulette is available in Singapore, and a great selection of sites are open to Singaporeans that love this game. Now that you know a little bit more about Singapore online roulette, you can start looking at some casinos. Many of the sites do accept SGD for betting, and you can find casinos that offer play on mobile devices.

If you need help finding the right online casino to handle your roulette action, you can check out our reviews. Once you know the different types of roulette that are on offer, the payment options and the overall casino experience, it should be easy to find a site that will work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is online gambling illegal in Singapore?

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Singapore real money online betting laws aren't very clear. That's what a few legal experts said in May 2013, and that's why the government plans to study regulating online roulette casinos and other Internet gambling sites within the next few years. But right now, as of publication time, thousands of roulette online gamblers jump on the Internet and enjoy winning big money without worrying about whether they're breaking the law.

What laws should I be aware of?

There aren't any right now. The government of Singapore has spent loads of time, money, and effort regulating offline gambling, but online betting is a different ball of wax. Just take a look at the Common Gaming Houses Act, the Private Lotteries Act, the Betting Act, and the Betting and Sweepstake Duties Act for proof. All these acts actually make it unlawful to offer gambling. However, if other laws permit it, then the law becomes null and void, to put it in simplistic terms. Basically, it's a whole big mess, but it doesn't really apply to Internet roulette Singapore players.

Do I have to pay taxes on my winnings?

Unlike a lot of other countries, Singapore doesn't have a capital gains tax. And winnings that you earn from playing at an SG online roulette site are technically considered to be capital gains. That means when you place a bet and win, you shouldn't have to worry about giving a bunch of it back to the government. As with any type of tax declaration, you'll want to talk to a tax authority to make sure your tax payment situation is the same.

Is it easy to make deposits and withdrawals?

Very easy. Singapore's lax Internet gambling laws means that casinos are able to provide those who love to bet with a range of banking options. At many Singapore roulette Internet sites, you can use your credit card plus a number of 3rd party payment services like Skrill to deposit to your casino account. For withdrawals, the methods vary from casino to casino. Most Internet roulette websites will cut you a check or wire your winnings to your bank account.

Can I play mobile roulette?

Mobile Displaying Roulette Play

Absolutely. But before you tap and place a bet on your iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone, you need to be mindful of a few things that could change the way you play roulette online casino games. First, compatibility is an issue. If you know you're going to be jumping from your desktop computer to your mobile phone, try and find an online casino that offers software for both. And more importantly, you'll want to make sure that you can use the same login information to sign in from both devices. Believe it or not, we've encountered a few Singapore Internet gambling sites that made users create two separate accounts - one for mobile and one PC.

Can I take advantage of welcome bonuses?

Yes, and they're actually some of the best we've seen. The Singapore online roulette web market is pretty open thanks to laws that don't really make it unlawful to play on the Internet. With an open market comes tons of supply. That means SG roulette online Internet gambling sites are clamouring for business. To lure in new players, they offer some of the best roulette online bonuses in the world, often worth thousands of dollars in bonus cash.

Can I play online roulette using Singapore currency?

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You can definitely use the Singapore dollar to get funds into your account, but whether or not the online casino lets you bring those dollars to the table depends on the site's policy. Some of the best Singapore Internet roulette online sites don't actually accept Singapore dollars at the tables. While you can deposit using Singapore dollars, the Internet gambling site will usually convert the funds to euros or US dollars for play at the tables. The best thing about online real cash roulette is you only need to try a small amount, unlike a real casino. So you can deposit as little as S$10 on most casinos to see if it meets your needs.

How do I get help from the roulette online casinos if I need it?

Not all Singapore gambling online websites offer the type of customer service Singapore residents demand. But any site you see on this site definitely does. We know roulette online betting fans don't want to have to wait to get assistance, so all sites that we recommend offer toll-free support and live-chat, 24/7.